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Originally Posted by buttons16 View Post

I am not so sure if I agree with you're statement that the fee in the specialty restaurant is a tip for the personnel in the restaurant. I can't imagine the cruise line paying for a higher quality of food and service and not get compensated in return. I believe that a big portion goes to the cruise line and a small percentage goes to the personnal.
I don't believe for one minute that a cruise is going to let the staff keep between $60 and $80 PER COUPLE. In you're estimate then, if a waiter has 8 tables for the night at 2 per table then his take is going to be between $480 and $640 per night depending on the price of the restaurant. no cruise member makes that kind of money and if they did I would be the next one on line to apply for that job. I'm sure they will get the standard 15%-20% tops for each table they serve
I said basically, most of it is tip but some does go to the line to compensate for the better food, I just don't know what the percentages are. From employees and discussion with supervisors, the highest amount goes to the waiters. Remember that is their wage for the week so why would you not think the cruise line doesn't let them keep most of it.
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