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Default Wrong again

Originally Posted by momofmeg View Post
I get what DJ Retired is saying. He is simply wondering if the OP/Henry misunderstood the group of Celebrity repeat cruisers he is traveling with-that perhaps they are having a private function sponsored by whomever sponsored the cruise.

BTW, have you ever been invited to a Celebrity Repeat cruiser "Welcome Abroad" lunch?

Henry is going by how things are done on HAL, which I am not so sure he has correct since HAL called their function a "Mariners Brunch," (Mariners is HAL's term for HAL repeat cruisers) when I was invited. Of course the last time I cruised on HAL, cigarette smoke was so bad- I have not booked with them again, so It HAS been awhile, over 2 years.

My last HAL cruise was on the Zuiderdam in Jan. 2010. I remember posting to Henry who was taking the same cruise after me, his first HAL cruise in December 2010, answering some of his questions about the partial Panama Canal transit. So, perhaps HAL now offers a luncheon instead of "Mariners Brunch."

Henry, I will be on Celebrity in June, I will let you know if I was invited to a "Welcome Aboard" lunch. In the meantime contact your TA or Celebrity as none of us know.

DJ Retired you have cruised Celebrity how many times? You have always given me great info-so I am assuming plenty. Please do not let people discourage you from posting here too-there are many of us who appreciate your posts.

When I was on my last 2 HAL cruises (2010,2011) there was a Welcome Aboard Lunch and a few days later a Mariners Brunch .I attended both .
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