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Originally Posted by Bruce Chafkin1 View Post
You are absolutely correct. In fact EVERY mass market cruise line now has auto-tipping.
But that is not the subject of this thread.

If you read carefully, Paul was discussing the EXTRA CASH tips that some passengers feel compelled to give to waiters who deliver room service orders to their cabins. Someone then suggested that the cruise lines add that amount to the overall cruise price instead.
My response was - why add a non-recommended / non-required / not even expected tip to increase the price of your cruise?
That idea just doesn't make any sense.
One correction...Royal Caribbean does not have autotipping. If you book their anytime dining you have to prepay. Otherwise tips are by cash. However, if you wish to have the tips added to your account the passenger must request it by filling out a form.

I have read that some cruiselines, tipping for room service is included in the autotip/service charge, but not all. I guess it depends on who brings the room service it someone who is a tipped crew member or someone not included in the tip pool (eg. another crew member who agrees to do this for extra money over and above their regular duties).
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