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Originally Posted by Henry43 View Post
When I was on my last 2 HAL cruises (2010,2011) there was a Welcome Aboard Lunch and a few days later a Mariners Brunch .I attended both .
You told me on the HAL board that your first HAL cruise was in December 2010. My last HAL cruise was January 2010-ELEVEN MONTHS before yours. (January 2-12 2010) We debarked the day of the Haiti earthquake.

I do not appreciate being called "wrong". If anything I may be mistaken. However, I was there and I am almost positive it was called the " Mariners Brunch" for past HAL cruisers.

Now if you mean past HAL cruisers can go to the diningroom and eat lunch on boarding day instead of the lido restaurant-that is a completely different thing. HAL does not even advertise it, but yes if you show them your card and they see it is the correct color you can have a sit down served lunch in the main dinningroom.

You do not post nice. You even accused the cruisemate moderator of calling you a liar. As bad as people on other messagebaords-I do not think I have ever seen anyone accuse a moderator of calling them a liar before.

Maybe you should proofread your posts and see how they "sound."
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