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Well it has been 5 years since our last cruise.
The reason being because our Minature Schanuzer whom we love to death got Diabetes about 3 months before we were to set sail, yes we cancelled due to his condition.

We have just recently found a pet Nanny who is a wonderful person. She has been watching our Scamp from time to time, giving Scamp his insulin shot (2 per day) is no problem for her... She has stayed over night on a few occasions...We are pretty close to her now and we trust her with our Scamp.

She has a great schedule set for Scamp when we leave on our cruise, staying with him all night, walking him, feeding, playing and of course giving his insulin we trust her as if she was family.

She takes care of him in our house so Scamp does'nt leave his home, Considering we refuse to put him in a kennel, This is a GOD SEND because it now gives us the chance to go away without a worry.

Even though we have been to Bermuda twice before on the MV horizon and the MV Zenith, I will research the Summit and bermuda throughly.
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