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Originally Posted by momofmeg View Post
You told me on the HAL board that your first HAL cruise was in December 2010. My last HAL cruise was January 2010-ELEVEN MONTHS before yours. (January 2-12 2010) We debarked the day of the Haiti earthquake.

I do not appreciate being called "wrong". If anything I may be mistaken. However, I was there and I am almost positive it was called the " Mariners Brunch" for past HAL cruisers.

Now if you mean past HAL cruisers can go to the diningroom and eat lunch on boarding day instead of the lido restaurant-that is a completely different thing. HAL does not even advertise it, but yes if you show them your card and they see it is the correct color you can have a sit down served lunch in the main dinningroom.

You do not post nice. You even accused the cruisemate moderator of calling you a liar. As bad as people on other messagebaords-I do not think I have ever seen anyone accuse a moderator of calling them a liar before.

Maybe you should proofread your posts and see how they "sound."
1) My first HAL cruise was in May 2008 to Alaska .My second was in Dec.2010 to the Panama Canal.My third was in July 2011 to Bermuda .
2) I have never accused anyone of calling me a liar .
3) "Sound" is not the correct word ,one does not hear these words .
4)My thinking is that you may be one of the individuals who has posted here under other screen names .
Finally :As I have iterated numerous times the Mariners brunch was on the third day of the cruise .The Mariners Welcome Aboard lunch was on the first day .
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