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I sure am glad to know that my wife and I are not alone in the anticipation factor.

What also really get's us excited is as the departure date get's closer, we start to lay out everything we are going to take with us on the cruise. Things like clothe's, shoe's, her handbags.

We also make a big deal out of going shopping for trail size items such as :
lotions of all sorts....

All the items are put out on the guest bed and the luggage comes down from the attic to be aired out. This process usually starts about 2 months prior to the departure date. Sometimes if I want to be cheered up, I walk into the guest bedroom and look over all the item's. I take out all my paper work, I look over one of my favorite books...The "Complete guide to cruising and cruise ships" by Berlitz. Even though I know most of the cruise lines and ships, I just love to look over the ratings and the great things it has to say about Celebrity.
All these things I have mentioned just adds to the excitement of the wait. Hey like the old saying goes "All good thing's come to those that wait"

I also do something really off the we go through the process of embarkation (of course my excitement builds to a fever pitch) I keep in mind how much more time I have left before I enter a world of excitement, luxury, pampering, world class dining.. and right just before I step onto the ship I stop....Look back and see the world I am leaving...then I take a deep breath and as I am stepping onto the ship I say to myself...."Here is my first step to paradise for the next 7 day's"...I do that everytime..and you know what...I never get tired of it.

So I say to all lets raise our glass to the wonderful world of cruising...."It does'nt get any better then that".
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