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Originally Posted by OldFartCruiser View Post
Yes, only because the pool attendants don't enforce the adult pool policy and the hottubs are kept at a lower temp than should be because pax allow their kids to use it unsupervised. Otherwise I have no problem w/kids onboard.

Sadly, on every ship I have managed (25), the staff around the adult pool (NOT pool attendants) don't enforce the policy because the parents make up all kinds of stories and try to get them fired for their efforts. They are no longer willing to risk their careers to enforce a rule.
By the way, "Pool Attendants" do not exist on cruise ships. US Law says that if there is any employee officially connected to a swimming pool, he is in effect a lifeguard. If anyone drowns, the cruise line is legally responsible. If there is no employee officially assigned to a swimming pool (and there is a swim at your own risk sign) the cruise line has no legal responsibility if you drown. In America today it is more logical and less risky to let you drown on your own rather than try to save your life.

The hot tubs are NOT kept at a lower temperature due to unsupervised children. This is a new directive for all ships, from the US Public Health Service. All hot tubs must have lower temperatures, regardless of the age of the users.
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