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Default Why is Allure better than Oasis?

Why is Allure better than Oasis? They are sister ships but they offer different venues that make the Allure superior.
Allure has the show "Chicago" performed with vigor, energy and high drama. Oasis has "Hairsrpray" it lacks all of the aforementioned qualities of "Chicago."
Allure has a spectacular, breathtaking multimedia stage show that has not gotten the attention and praise it deserves. Oasis, by comparison, has a low-cost, stage production. A nice effort, but not even close to the breathtaking Allure production.
Allure has hotdogs. Not just hotdogs but a variety of exotic hotdogs. It is a hot dog feast. Oasis has doughnuts, but they are no match for the Allure hotdogs.
Just wanted to let anyone know who might be considering a cruise on these resort ships what they might keep in mind when making reservations.
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