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Originally Posted by buttons16 View Post
I do realize that cruising is one of life's greater pleasure's However I found that booking and planning a cruise can be just as exciting.

I don't know if everyone would agree with me but I get a feeling of great excitement after I book a cruise. The anticipation of going can be heart pounding.

As the date nears thing's don't bother you as much. You just want to stand on a chair and yell out to all who will listen "Hey were going on a cruise"

My wife and I always book a pre cruise hotel for the night, this way we dont feel rushed. If we have to fly to the port we alway's fly the day before.

The next cruise we will book will be out of Liberty Park NJ. We will book a hotel the day before. We just love to wake up refreshed, take a nice shower and get a good breakfast. It's amazing how some people look after they have flown cross country and then rushed to the ship. Most of the people are ready to go to bed and here we are ready for the day to begin.

I can't stress how much more relaxed you will be by flying in the day before and staying in a hotel. You will be calm cool and relaxed, It's well worth the price..... Just our thoughts to pass along....
I suggest NOT booking a hotel in Bayonne .
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