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Originally Posted by momofmeg View Post
Then why do you keep posting? and I am trying just to help you out as you seem to be a bit prickly reading into posts things not intended-and then you take a tone in your posts. I posted several of my posts back that you needed to check with your travel agent or Celebrity since none of us (even a veteran like Djretired) can help you.

BTW Linda Trip is the moderator.

BTW Celebrity is part of Royal Caribbean International Corporation. So is Azamara.

It is similar to HAL, Princess, and Cunard being part of Carnival Corporation . Separate and very different cruise lines owned by the same corporation that owns Carnival Cruiseline.

Another analogy is Sears and K-Mart-to very different stores but owned by the same corporation.

Or Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Pizza Hut, all being owned by the same corporation.
This reminds me of my days when I was on my college debating team.

1) Linda is one of the Moderators .I thought that Linda was implying something and said if I am wrong I apologize .

2)I am aware that Celebrity and RCI are the same corporation .However ,not being a seasoned cruiser I am not privy to the names of every ship .
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