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Originally Posted by Manuel View Post
I have been on both ships and enjoyed them on an equal basis.

Through my original email I was pointing out reasons why cruisers should choose the Allure over the Oasis for a first cruise on either of these resort ships. If after the first cruise they want to cruise on the Oasis they can. Overall, I would say it would be difficult not to have a pleasant cruise on either ship. However, I strongly feel that it is important that the Cruisemate internet site be used as an information source to inform fellow cruisers of positives and negatives of individual ships and ports. Your response that " I have been on both ships and enjoyed them both" does not add information to the reader's knowledge base. Information to help them make a value-based judgement based on sound information gained from experience. This is important for some cruisers if they only have money for one cruise or it is the first cruise they will make on one of these ships. The best choice in either case, would be the Allure. I think that the reasons I gave for the superiority of the Allure over the Oasis are sound and would help cruisemates make the correct decision to book passage on the Allure. Don't you agree with this logic?
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