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Originally Posted by dkjretired View Post
If they are on the same cruise, try and get them to AQ, you realize of course that your daugher can't eat in Blu....If you intend to eat with them you will have to give up Blu and eat in the MDR.
Well, their fare was $500 a person below ours, and I don't think they can afford more. In fact we are picking up the tab for our daughter's airfare, because we wanted her to come, then her friend decided to come also.(At least her friend has more income than her.) They are adults, both 27, so it will be okay. We are doing tours together, I am sure they will be glad NOT to hang with us every minute! Besides many of the tours are 9 hours-so I have a feeling we will be ordering room service some-while they still go to dinner and dancing afterward. Also, we do not have assigned dinning-so we can eat with them some.

If I had had my "druthers"-we would have got the aft balcony at the very back of the ship-it was the same price as the spa-but hubby thinks spa will be better.
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