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Originally Posted by dkjretired View Post
There is no assigned dining in Blu it is anytime dining. You realize that Blu replaces the dining room for AQ patrons and your eating in the MDR is not guaranteed. It is on a space available basis. Also, just for your knowledge, if you order room service it will be from the MDR and not Blu.
I don't mind and as I said, my daughter and her friend will not mind not eating without us at all. I will be ordering room service when I am too exhausted to spend an hour plus at dinner. I could care less where the food is from-probably will be too tired to taste it anyway. We have 3 days in a roll that are 12 hour ports and 9 hour tours.

I guess that is why I would have been just as happy in our old room and an onboard credit. This is a port intensive cruise and I want to see the ports, as I do not know if I will ever see that port of Europe again. My health is not so great anymore.
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