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Henry, I sure hope so. You learn as soon as you go into rehab that you cannot take drugs again once you are clean.

On the pill bottle found with her says Don't use with other drugs, including booze.

She was heard telling someone the night before, that she wanted to see Jesus soon.

Clive Davis helped to get her house payments caught up, because she was about to go into foreclosure. In 2001 she was given 100 million for 6 future movies, and all that money was gone.

Oh Henry, I hope it was accidental, but .....

My heart goes out to her mom. I know what she is feeling right now. You want to be with your baby, so bad. You want to wake up, and find out it was all a bad dream. You blame yourself. You wonder what you could have done.

No matter what it turns out to be, she's gone, and that is just so sad.

If reports on the internet are true, her daughter has also been into drugs. We all need to pray for them.
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