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Default A survey on a Celebrity cruise !

Hi ladies and gentlemen,

I thought this would not only be fun be very informative. In order to partake in this survey you must do the following ****This is not a survey on a certain ship but the Celebrity cruise as a whole...You must answer each question in answer such as I can't think of anything is not a valid answer.

1 - What is the one thing most important to you that you would like to see improved in general on a celebrity cruise ?

2- What is the one thing you wish Celebrity cruises stopped doing on their cruise's (There has to be something...nothing is perfect in life)

3- What one thing do you love to do on a Celebrity cruise
My ansers are as follows
1- I would like to see the food improved on a Celebrity cruise
2- I would love the removal of automatic tipping
3- I love to see dress up on formal nights

This is a great little interesting thread I think....
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