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Crystal is giving luxury cruisers what they say they want.

The line tried everything to appeal to the logic of cruisers, including offering up to $2500 per person of shipboard credit instead of going all-inclusive.

That is by far a more logical approach to paying for a luxury cruise. That way you are not paying for someone else's drinking, and you get an "all inclusive" experience since the amount of onboard credit is far more than you would ever drink.

It was even better because you could use it for the spa or shore excursions.

BUT - testing has shown that luxury cruisers want drinks and gratuities included even though they are fully aware it is not a "value" proposition. They just do not want to be worried about "all those details" during the cruise.

There is no sense to it, really, because they do still get a bill at the end of the cruise for shore excursions and other expenses. But that is what they want... go figure.
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