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Originally Posted by Trip View Post
Aero, cruise lines have been trying to distance themselves from things that were popular back in the fun ship days of cruising...some of those thing should not come back, including that pirate with the bird on it's shoulder at the dining room table
I agree...I feel if someone wants a more party cruise, and or a roving photographer taking your picture holding birds...or looking like a pirate...then I think a Carnival cruise would be more to the liking..

Remember the different cruise lines cater to different tastes...I don't want to see a beer drinking contest on a Celebrity cruise, nor do I want to partake in a pillow fight trying to knock someone off a balance beam....If Celebrity starting doing that, then I would have to save up my money and not go as often and try to eek out a cruise on Crystal or Silver Sea....I truly hope I don't have to resort to that.

So with that said Hey Carnival keep your beer drinking, pillow fighting, hiding the ping pong ball in your bathing suit stunts....HEY Celebrity keep and try to up grade the elegance factor.
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