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Wow I miss checking in for a couple of days and come on to find out you've been really sick Rd. So sorry to hear this but glad you are on the mend.
It has been a whirlwind couple of days for me. On Thurs. my D/H said we needed to get a way for the weekend and I so agreed with him. After checking with my sisters, they said they would take care of Mom. Our daughter jumped in and is taking care of the dogs for us and we headed south yesterday morning. We are in Todd's part of the world, Piegon Forge, Tenn. (I am going to call Todd later today and maybe make connections with him on Monday) We have no big plans just relaxing. I did make one stop when we got into town, the Winery! I picked up 2 bottles of my favorite and found a new one. Opened it last night and will be needing to go back and get more before we leave town. The weather was great yesterday with the temp hitting 60. Today is to be cloudy in the 50's but tomorrow we may see some white stuff but I don't care. If it comes and forces us to stay a day or so longer so be it.
Hope everyone has a great day, I AM!!!!

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