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Good morning everyone:

Donna, I'm glad you are home and doing better.
Moraine: I hate it when days start out that way. You wish there was "reset" button.

It's a pretty day here in the land without Winter. The talking heads are still having their snowgasm because we "could" 3" to 4" inches of snow on Monday and/or Tuesday. The TV weather people are having a boring year so they sensationalize anything. You should have seen and heard them when we actually went below zero.

Nothing on the agenda for today. The grandkids are coming over tomorrow and spend the night. They have Monday off from school so we have to think of something fun to do. I don't think they'll want to play. "Massage Grandpa's Knee" for too long.

I hope everyone has a great Saturday and wonderful rest of the weekend.

Take care,
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