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It's interesting how this makes news.

I've never been too big of a fan of Paula but I do admit that butter, fat and dairy taste good. It's just that people need to take some responsibility for moderation. Eat a salad once in a while.

What irritates me is that Paula will sell her name to just about anything. Fine, if she wants to pimp some, extremely expensive, diabetes drug but what really irritates me is her endorsement of Smithfield pork products. Smithfield is one of the biggest violators of sanitation, humane treatment of animals (including crate gestation) and poor inspections. Smithfield is losing a lot of business, McDonalds, Burger King, Chipotle..etc. because of their practices.

Also: The Paula Deen line of knives are really bad. My sister bought a set and I had to laugh at the quality of the "steel?". I think they stay sharp for about six cuts.

Oh yes: Anyone could be in that video. I do feel bad for her that she can't even have lunch without it making "news".

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