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I had an inside cabin once...............................once.

I do not like inside cabins and unfortunately I was in one for over two weeks when we went to China. I'm glad it was a port intensive cruise because I developed inside cabin psychosis after the third or fourth day. I was talking to myself and saying. "There's no window behind those curtains." "How can I cut the sofa in half, haul it up the stairs and throw it overboard."

It was actually a large inside cabin (180 sq. ft.) but I still thought it was tiny.

Yes: There are table lamps. It is pitch black when you turn the lights off and that isn't good for me. We left the bathroom light on and the bathroom door ajar. We also left the TV on, with the sound down, on one of the channels.

It would have to be one heck of a cruise before I would ever have another inside cabin.

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