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Erik, the Caribbean would be more exotic for you than me-we can drive to port as we live in Georgia, as we are close to Florida.

I really liked the Caribbean, but we have done that often, as it was affordable for us without needing to buy airfare. Now though we have done it so much I am willing to cruise less often and go further to ports we have not done yet-even thoguh we need to save more money before going.

Many Europeans do the Caribbean. Our dollar is so weak it is not as expensive for you to cruise the Caribbean as it is for us to cruise Europe. Maybe you will some day-or else if you hate the heat, you would like Alaska.

The Baltic must be similar to Alaska in the summer as far as long days of daylight. My husband and I would go to the hot tub every night at 10 pm and watch the snow capped mountains in the hottub. We really loved that. We want to see Alaska again too, but we must go to the Baltic first!
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