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Default Speculation about what is going to happen to Concordia

I know that it is early to do this since they have not been able to offload fuel at this point, but I was wondering what might happen to the ship. Options that I see are a, scrap her and tear her apart for scrap where she lies; b, refloat her and take her to India for scrapping; c, refloat and refit her and use her as a cruise ship; d, refloat and refit her as a gambling casino; e, take her to the middle of the ocean and sink her.

Since there are many experts about sea law and even this particular situation
I would like to hear what they say. So many times situations seem to be black and white, but because of the ramifications of international laws, insurance and corporate structure the answer is not always evident.

In writing this thread I was thinking that maybe the fuel has been offloaded and a decision made about the final disposition of the ship so it is a non issue, but I am still interested in what is happening concerning this ship.
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