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I think your reasons for picking Celebrity are in "sync" with mine. Me and my DW enjoy the laid-back days at sea, reading a good book, nice cool drink, a dip in the pool or hot tub. Then, grab a variety of goodies for lunch (don't forget the desserts!). Take a stroll around the ship, collect a few interesting photos....yes, life is good!

Now, get "cleaned -up" for a fabulous dinner, complete with interesting conversations with people from different parts of the country and world, more good desserts (see the pattern here!!). Now time for a nice cocktail, then on to a nice show!

Now time for some evening fun, either in a lounge, casino, dancing.... it's all good!!!! The great thing is whatever you enjoy, you'll get the chance to go it all over again the next day :-D

We've been blessed to cruise 18 times now, 9 with Celebrity. I can't say all of them were equal or great, but each one was enjoyed, and the small problems never stopped us from looking forward to another cruise!

Happy Cruising1
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