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Originally Posted by johnthed0g View Post
We have tried Inside cabins on short cruises but we can't take to them. People who say they only use the cabin as a changing room like them.our cabin is out home for the cruise not a place to wash sleep/change.
Thank you, thank you, for saying this about inside cabins. My mother-in-law always says no one spends any time in their room while criusing. I thought there was something wrong with me because on my last cruise (which was my first), I had an obstructed view but found I spent quite a bit of time in my room. It was nice to have a window to look out of even if only for a few minutes. Also for the natural light. I guess I dont feel like I have to constantly be doing something and enjoy my quiet time. However, I dont think I would enjoy it as much in an inside cabin with nowhere to look out. The port hole idea was a good one. If you book this type of room on line, is this considered an oceanview cabin?
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