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Originally Posted by Golden1 View Post
Thank you, thank you, for saying this about inside cabins. My mother-in-law always says no one spends any time in their room while criusing. I thought there was something wrong with me because on my last cruise (which was my first), I had an obstructed view but found I spent quite a bit of time in my room. It was nice to have a window to look out of even if only for a few minutes. Also for the natural light. I guess I dont feel like I have to constantly be doing something and enjoy my quiet time. However, I dont think I would enjoy it as much in an inside cabin with nowhere to look out. The port hole idea was a good one. If you book this type of room on line, is this considered an oceanview cabin?
Thank YOU for agreeing with me!! I find that those who say they don't spend time in their cabin have the sort of cabin nobody would want to spend any time in!! We love to sit on our balcony, have a drink & nibble stuff.
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