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I saw your other posting concerning your concerns for your 13 month old. And I would suggest that you are going to have to find time for yourselves because of the great shows and dinner opportunities, that you should check RCL about babysitting services.
Alternative is to pay a relative to travel with you. Babysitters will be cheaper.

I agree with Donna that the water show is great. Watch the performers preshow on tv to get insight into what they do prior to perfroming. It is most interesting. If you qualify for the Conceigre Lounge you might want to spend some time there with the little one because you can watch and enjoy activities such as the Water Show, enjoy a meal or beverages and you do not have to go outside with the child

I am concerned that the Hot Dog stand may be gone. I have not heard anybody talking about it and RCL may have cut it out. You may want to check RCL about its status.

I was in FTL waiting to board the Allure when I witnessed a couple with a young baby The husband looking like a pack mule trying to lug all of the baby carryon stuff - diapers, etc.. The poor guy even had to - repack the baby stuff - on the sidewalk. He left behind a carton and a pop can that had burst open. I felt sorry for him because I figured that this is the kind of event that can lead to marriages being broken up. Lesson learned pack as much as possible and put aboard as luggage before you go on ship.This is one of those something to remember items that you forget while you are making those must have purchases.

I stopped in Nassau, Bahamas for the first time in January of this year. I walked around the town to get a feel for it. I found it to be a typical Caribbean island. I found that it was good place to buy souveniers as a last stop on the cruise= tshirts three for ten bucks. Especially when in St. Martens and St. Johns they three for fifteen or more. It does have for pay taxis and buses that will take you out to the Gambling casino on the island which you can get into for free but the rest of the attractions are paid. I'll let others explain to you what they are.

Hope this is helpful.
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