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Originally Posted by Funnel View Post
My New Orleans cruise is a group cruise so I could not really choose (don't think I can convince the other 30 or so to choose Florida instead). It's on Navigator and I love the Voyager class so I'm fairly happy with that but it's 3 sea days while I had preferred 2.

As it's a long way for me from Europe to the US I'm planning to combine the cruise with a rather long pre-cruise stay (at least 2 weeks) so I'm sure I will be able to see both Florida and New Orleans.

I guessed Navigator. I am not so crazy about voyager class but I sitll think for a cruise from New Orleans, I would pic that ship over the offerings of NCL and Carnival which are both older ships and in not great shape. RCI keeps their older ships in good shape.

You should do a little cruise on the Natchez if you spend any time in New Orleans. It does luncheon and dinner cruises, and it is a paddle boat. The French Quarter is worth visiting also, though I recommend doing that in daylight as there are some unsavory people hanging in that area.
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