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Originally Posted by lhp View Post
I have been contacting my US Congressmen for months to do away with the PVSA.

I can't help but think that smaller ships sailing from places like Mobile to Key West or Galveston would work. It would help the East Coast and West Coast as well.

Not only that, but when there are mechanical issues or weather or swine flu, cruise lines would have much more flexibility.

In my limited research, I believe the official "Jones Act" dealt with Cargo...(which is why folks have always said it is untouchable). But the PVSA appears to be an addendum to the Jones Act that could easily be reversed.

If that is the case, we need to get it revoked.

It definitely needs to go.
I totally agree! If there was no PVSA, we could have cruises from Boston to Miami. The only reason no cruise lines schedule East Coast cruises like that is that stupid law. So many ports of call are on that side of the United States and here I am stuck with only a couple Bahamas cruises, a Gulf of Mexico cruise, and Caribbean cruises unless I drive 7 hours to Fort Lauderdale. None of those itineraries appeal to me and neither does the cruise line (NCL) that makes no stops. Imagine not having to pay hundreds of dollars to fly over 3,000 miles because you could drive to the embarkation port!

Originally Posted by Trackypup View Post
Nope. It's where you board and where you disembark in this case boarding in San Diego and disembarking in Seattle. 100% violation of the PVSA as there is no visit to a foreign DISTANT port.
The original post describes two cruises. That means it does satisfy the PVSA because each cruise starts in one country and ends in another. Debarkation for most people will be in Vancouver because that is where the first cruise ends. What is wrong with that?

Originally Posted by Trackypup View Post
It's not a foreign port it needs to visit. It's a foreign DISTANT port. No port in North America fits this description
This thread does make me think about my first cruise. It complies with the PVSA, but I thought, "That cruise is similar to mine!" because I will sail from LA to Vancouver in the Sapphire Princess northbound repositioning cruise. If Seattle was going to be the port I debark at, that would be a violation of the PVSA because Victoria is not a distant port - only within driving distance of Seattle.

Originally Posted by Trackypup View Post
From what I understand is it's not measured in mileage.

I've never, ever read anyone able to actually book something that violates the PVSA. Only people that have had to pay the fine because they've had to disembark because of an emergency.
Tracky, how can you call a port distant if it is not measured by mileage? The word mile refers to distance, so that does not make any sense.

If passengers have to pay a fine for debarking before they get to the distant foreign port, I hope cruise insurance covers it. The last thing you want to do during an emergency is give the government $300.

Looking forward to cruising!

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