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Default Alaskan Cruise 6/10/12

Hi All. New to the forum and new to cruising so I have a few questions. My wife and I are just retired and decided to spend some of the children’s inheritance and go on an Alaskan Cruise. This is something we have both wanted to do for some time and we went to a HA seminar on Alaskan cruises and signed up for a two week cruise/tour. We start the land portion on June 10th or 11th. Never having been there I wondered what kind of outerwear we should take. We are going to try and get by with carry-on luggage so I do not see the point in taking a huge coat and, in fact, the folks from HA said to NOT go buy a down parka! Too bulky for packing. We land in Fairbanks, do a gold mine tour, riverboat tour, a couple of days in Denali, on to Acnhorage, Seward, and back on the boat for a week. I have looked at some of the avg temps for the area(s) we will visit and I am thinking about taking a light “shell” type jacket and layering up underneath that with a sweatshirt and thermal undershirt if needed. Will that be enough?
Any recommendations on the amount of cash to carry? The travel agent recommended something like a Visa cash card. Are these widely accepted? Any advice appreciated.
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