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Default Counterfit purses and luggage in Cozemel

I heard this lady say that she was going to Cozemel to get more designer purses and luggage. It seems on her last trip she bought so many that she had to buy luggage to carry them. She was really excited because she said she got them at a great price and wanted to get more.

A fellow cruisemate said that they were probably counterfeit in the first place, but the second fact was that the real designer purses and luggage are kept and sold in Europe and that cheaper versions are sent to US by the designer companies. He said he knew because he is a world traveler and businessman.

I was wondering if anyone knows the true story about these designer purses and luggage in Cozemel are they counterfeit. I know about the counterfeiting which goes on in NewYork and China, etc. but I was also wondering about the shipping of a cheaper product to the US.
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