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Originally Posted by cruznut6 View Post
I think your reasons for picking Celebrity are in "sync" with mine. Me and my DW enjoy the laid-back days at sea, reading a good book, nice cool drink, a dip in the pool or hot tub. Then, grab a variety of goodies for lunch (don't forget the desserts!). Take a stroll around the ship, collect a few interesting photos....yes, life is good!

Now, get "cleaned -up" for a fabulous dinner, complete with interesting conversations with people from different parts of the country and world, more good desserts (see the pattern here!!). Now time for a nice cocktail, then on to a nice show!

Now time for some evening fun, either in a lounge, casino, dancing.... it's all good!!!! The great thing is whatever you enjoy, you'll get the chance to go it all over again the next day :-D

We've been blessed to cruise 18 times now, 9 with Celebrity. I can't say all of them were equal or great, but each one was enjoyed, and the small problems never stopped us from looking forward to another cruise!

Happy Cruising1
Rom.- 1:16
Just about everything you have mentioned about cruising is exactly what I like.

I just dont get running all over the ship to do as much as you can...Some things they do on other cruise lines I would'nt give a second thought about doing if I was not on a cruise ship...

I use to cruise with a cruise line (Won't mention name) that had so many things to do while at sea that you needed a vacation from your vacation...Most had to do with how many ping pong ball you can stuff in your bathing suit, how much beer you can drink out of a huge long neck gallon glass. The cruise director always screaming into his microphone..there was a time I just wanted to get the heck off the ship and have some peace and quiet.

Like the old saying goes different strokes for different folkes...I prefer a relaxed setting...calmness, no screaming drunk people at the pool.

I understand that evening wear on the ship has many different forms...I prefer to be in a tux on formal nights and I prefer that other men not in tuxedo's at least are wearing a dark suit. I also prefer nice slacks over jeans except on a out door tour or excursion. I love women to be in Gowns or at least a nice pants suit. I dont like any men to be wearing hats during any meal in the MDR.

Though my next cruise will be on Celebrity Summit to Bermuda, My wife and I are thinking about all future cruises on either Silver Sea or Crystal cruises...I just prefer a more calm relaxed quiet atmosphere.
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