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It made me think of tall blonde people with existential and suicidal thought patterns. The last it said to me was "fun."

Now "cruise with a Norwegian" - like a 5'10" blonde like Katherine Sorland, would sound better...

But that isn't what it says, so let me explain this...

I have lived on the East Coast and the West Coast, and there is one very fundamental difference that East Coast people do not know about West Coasters, and particularly Californians.

In New York, most people are proud of their heritage, they'll say "I'm a Goombah" (jokingly) or proudly tell you they live in "Little Italy" or "Greek Town,"

But in Los Angeles people NEVER ask "what is your nationality, or heritage" It is considered politically incorrect. I work for a Los Angeles company, and at first they thought I was being "racist" when I commented that Holland America has Indonesian and Filipino workers. They wrote to me and asked... "why are you saying that?"

I had to explain this whole thing to them - that cruise lines have certain national and cultural histories, with seagoing people; Norwegians, Greeks, Italians, British, being held in a certain regard, and that in modern cruising certain crew people are commonly found on ships.

But my point is this... I suspect NCL does not understand that the campaign just plain sounds weird to some people. Do African Americans want to hear "cruise like a Norwegian?" I really doubt it.

Do you see what I am saying? Why should anyone want to cruise like a Norwegian? How do Norwegians cruise? That's just the first problerm.

Secondly - what is wrong with MY heritage? Why I can't I cruise the way God made me?

Kuki - sorry, I just don't buy the idea that Norwegians are so "Vanilla" that the campaign feels good because it doesn't make me think. I am very serious, the campaign makes me think a lot, and I find it off-putting.

What if the campaign was "cruise like an Israeli?" or "Cruise like a Russian?" or "Cruise like an Eskimo?"

It just doesn't make any sense to me.

And FYI: NCL is 50% owned by Malaysians, not Chinese, and 50% owned by Americans, and controlled by an American majority on the board of directors.
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