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Default Thursday Morning Greeting

Morning Mates, from "Wild Weather" Pictou Nova Scotia. Yesterday was forecast for some "mixed precip". They were not kidding. :o
I set out in the morning with some light snowflakes dancing around. By the time I got to Pictou it was almost a blizzard. When I left the arena an hour later I swear there were snowballs falling from the sky, I have never seen such huge flakes. The road home was completely snow covered and the visibility nill.
Suddenly, like driving through a curtain, the snow was gone, the roads were bare and it was pouring rain! All in all, it made for a very slushy mushy drive to work a few hours later....

Today....who knows? It is definitely colder at -5C so whatever wet was left is now black ice.
Hoping that will melt off before I head out for swimming this morning...

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