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I've got about 140 days on HAL and never heard of a "wine punch card". On the other hand, HAL does sell a bar beverage card that gives a 10% discount; a $50 card for $45 or a $100 card for $90. I'm also a wine drinker, and for the best prices one should specify a "house" wine. You can still choose from quite a few, and the price the last time around was $4.55 plus the normal 15% service charge; not at all bad, IMO. I like their pinot grigio and their sauvignon blanc, and their merlot isn't bad, either. Also, I once commented to the wine steward that I thought a "serving" of wine was supposed to be five ounces, but that the last glass I'd been given could not possibly have been more than three and a half; he not only agreed with me, he brought me a free glass. And it was noticible that for the rest of my cruise my glass at dinner definitely had the requisite five ounces.
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