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Originally Posted by Sistersolo View Post
I've got about 140 days on HAL and never heard of a "wine punch card". On the other hand, HAL does sell a bar beverage card that gives a 10% discount; a $50 card for $45 or a $100 card for $90. I'm also a wine drinker, and for the best prices one should specify a "house" wine. You can still choose from quite a few, and the price the last time around was $4.55 plus the normal 15% service charge; not at all bad, IMO. I like their pinot grigio and their sauvignon blanc, and their merlot isn't bad, either. Also, I once commented to the wine steward that I thought a "serving" of wine was supposed to be five ounces, but that the last glass I'd been given could not possibly have been more than three and a half; he not only agreed with me, he brought me a free glass. And it was noticible that for the rest of my cruise my glass at dinner definitely had the requisite five ounces.
They changed the punch card for the deal you describe above. You could buy a 10 or 20 punch card.

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