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I'm so sorry Moiraine. It truly distresses me the physical and mental exhaustion not to mention helplessness which you must truly find yourself. Please understand your commitment does make all the difference in your father's quality of life. I just wish you could get some help from some organization or somebody!

Very long day on tap for yours truly. It will commence around 9:00 am and I won't get home until possibly as late as 1:30 am tomorrow. Kari's Heart Foundation starts cranking up for the season today with the first of it's qualifying trials to end in a showcase of area talent at the opulent Paramount Theatre in Bristol, TN.

For those unfamiliar, it's known as Tri-Cities Got Talent which (incompasses Johnson City-Kingsport and Bristol and which was started almost three years ago now by my good friend and cardiologist Jeff Schoondyke and his wife Jennifer. It's closely affiliated with America's Got Talent in that there is a network representative always present to insure all of the rules are being followed. The ultimate winner at the Paramount goes to Atlanta and instead of waiting in those gawdawful lines, are ushered straight in for their audition not to mention the trip itself is well funded by the organization. We make our money through $50 audition fees for each person or group and ticket sales to the public.

Best part is that it's the organization's intent to cover or at least significantly defer the cost of travel for families of desperately ill children who most need them at their side but ordinarily wouldn't have a ghost of a chance of being there. One other thing of which I'm so proud is that there is absolutely no paid staff. Every single one of the literally dozens involved are all volunteers.

We're expanding this year into my county and my contribution was helping to obtain the outstandingly best theatre venue in the county at a cost to the organization that amounts to peanuts if even that. Trouble is, I'll miss that one as I'll be returning from the Ray and Todd Show on the Epic.

Hope everyone has a marvelous weekend and you get some very much needed rest, Moiraine.

You guys sure won't hear from me early tomorrow unless I post BEFORE I go to bed! :-)
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