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Good Saturday morning all...Moiraine, I agree with Todd, I wish you could get some help with your dad, it sounds like a hard life, and you have to take care of yourself too...
Todd, you take it easy today, you are not in the best of health either, don't over-do it! You have to be in great shape for the Ray & Todd show!

I cannot wait to see pictures of that cruise, especially one of little Ray standing next to giant Todd! You guys are gonna have so much fun!

We are again having bizarre weather....I was awake all night listening to freezing rain and high winds bashing our house (it literally shakes from the wind). Right now, it's stopped and sun is out, but we are supposed to get snow too. I'm staying inside today, maybe start looking at what I want to take on our cruise....
Whatever I choose, it will have to be ironed...

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