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Originally Posted by Teladis View Post
This is a little story about myself, just to help me feel better. I don't talk much about my issues because I'm ashamed of them. However, I want to share with everyone here because I'm going on a cruise for the first time in my life.

In my teen years, I went to camp and fell off a waterfall. Two years later I found out I had some back problems. I could never lay down straight without pain. I was hunched over little by little. I can't even get a MRI, (trying to work with the doctors to put me to sleep on it.) However, the doctors told me that for being 29 I should not have osteophytes (might be spelled wrong). Yet, I seem to have it. Where my spine cord is my bone is wider? and seem to have bone spurs. Because of my back problems, I have not moved around much so i am overweight as well.

Now, I've been married for 11 years, since I was 18. I want to do this for her, we have been stuck in this house for too long, and I want to take her on a cruise. I want to show her how much she means to me. I even have a ring ready for her and want to ask her to remarry me. With this in mind I have a few questions for everyone here. We are going on the ship in Charleston the fantasy Carnival was told it was the oldest ship they had.

First one would be, anyone else have back problems went? How did it go for you?

Second one is, I can't really sleep in a bed. I hope they have lazy boy type chairs or something I can sleep in sitting upward. (I have to do that at home)

Like I said I'm ashamed of my looks, and I have trouble moving around. Being so young, I'm use to getting stared at or even laughed at because of it. I'm just not use to staying with strangers for days. It has taken me a long time to save up for this trip, This will be the only one I can ever do, So I have a lot of worry about this.

Thanks for reading this, and I feel a little better sharing my story and asking my questions. Thanks.
As someone who has had health problems and some mobility issues I can relate. The great thing is that a cruise is wonderful vacation for people who do have mobility or health problems.

If you are able to get off in port then do so but if not the ship is a destination in itself.

I would not worry or embarrassed at how you look. Believe me there are quite a few heavy people on board and you will not be laughed at. Well, I suppose if you gargle your milk you might get a few looks.

Also, when you book you should have your agent contact the Special Needs department of the cruise line to see what can be done to accommodate your sleeping requirements. I haven't seen a Lay-z-boy type chair in any regular cabins but they do have armchairs and couches.

A cruise will be good for both you and your wife. It gets you out of the house and able to see and do things you otherwise can't but in a manner that is quite accommodating to folks with health problems and disabilities.

As Royal Caribbean says: "Get Out There".

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