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Good morning everyone:

It is a nice crisp morning but "Snowmageddon II, This time it's personal." never materialized and we have clear skies but only +11F. It's supposed to get around 30 so it shouldn't be too bad.

Today we will be going out to dinner with my best buddy and his wife. Yesterday was his birthday and we are going out to celebrate.

Yesterday I got my "Pre-Cruise Fashion Show" from Betty. She showed me a couple of new outfits she bought and I had to give my thumbs up or thumbs down and she then tried on her older stuff to make sure it still fit. She was ecstatic when a dress that didn't fit for last June's cruise now does. I'll do my "Fashion Show" somewhere around Thursday and we'll leave on Friday.

Moraine: I hope you get a bit of rest and that your dad's respiratory problems go away.

Todd: Enjoy the day

Donna: Iron??????? Didn't you know wrinkles are the new fashion trend. At least for me.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday and a great weekend.

Take care,
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