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I am not exactly sure why people would book a cruise trhat makes stops in Mexico.
If you have been keeping up with the times and read the papers you would have noticed that crime is rampart in Mexico. The drug cartels and roving gangs are starting to invade and commit crimes in tourist areas.

If you actually think you are safe going on a tour distributed by the cruise ship then you are out of touch. Do you really thing that a gang will say "Lets not take those people, they are with the cruise ship" I think it would be just the opposite effect. These gangs know you have money.

The stealing of your money and documents are just the start of problems, what about the gangs selling your documents on the black market, you identity is now at a high risk.

If you think this problem will go away in Mexico think again...The government and drug cartels and gangs are in an all out war.

If you or anyone else has thoughts on booking a cruise to Mexico then you should think twice.
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