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Originally Posted by green_rd View Post
Buttons the vast majority of the violence in Mexico is in the US border areas. That has been very little violence in the tourist areas. I would still take my chances in PV but would stay in the resort areas.
I disagree 110%

Very easy to see the truth...Go to the site you tube and type in gang violence in Cancun and watch for yourself soldiers walking the beaches with rifles in full a man say he saw a bombing of a bar killing all and listen how these gangs are now targeting resort areas INCLUDING all inclusive resorts such as a sandals private resort...listen to the news reporters describing the be-heading of 22 people in Acapulco...listen to the people state that the resorts were once a safe haven now are targets for drug cartels and roving gangs..

If you want to go to this area of the world you can go...I really don't care one way or another...but for someone who might be concerned such as myself, the viewing of the you tube videos of violent crime in Mexican resorts can be of interest to that person.
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