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Originally Posted by maffo12 View Post
I don't think living in fear is the best thing one can choose.

Sure, Mexico has its security problems, but I wonder why all their harsh critics never look home, and realize how this problem is mostly related to them, to their home consumption of drugs, not to mention how the American Government truly benefits from this drug war as they can sell it's armament and weapons.

It's really sad to see how apparently people loves to live in a fear based reality. If that's your choice, so be it, we don't need you visiting Mexico.
I am not living in fear nor are lots of other people...You are missing the point.

Why would anyone put themselfs in harms way just to prove a point that you can travel there...I

Here is an example...Do I live in fear that Somalia pirate are infested in the waters off the coast of Africa...No I am not...But that doesnt mean I will take my boat and travel in those waters just to prove a point....

As far as your quote "We don't need you visiting Mexico...OH but Mexico needs me and others to visit...Many areas in Mexico rely on tourists...What I am saying is Mexico better get their act together or the declining tourist business will put a real bad hurting on the economy.

It has been stated that the Drug cartels and gang members usually out gun the police in Mexico...IMHO Mexico is very close to being out of control.

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