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Originally Posted by Snoozeman View Post
I'll agree with most, but not lumping in Cozumel. I keep up with the news there as I have interests and friends living on the island. It's probably the safest place in Mexico. There are two military bases on the small island and gangs don't go there as they are afraid they can become trapped. The President of Mexico has a home there and has been know to ride his bike down the streets. He feels safe. There were 3 killed at a hotel fairly near by my barber that possibly could have been gang related, but it was actually unclear. This was four years ago and not many were even aware of it. The last two deaths recorded there where brought to the island by the cruise ships. One a love triangle gone bad and a crew member on crew member crime.
I stand corrected...I just double checked the crime stats for Mexico....

Cozumel has a very low rate of Violent crime...almost none...Most of the crime that exists are home burglery...and petty thieft...even at night you are somewhat safe...But in all cases caution still needs to be used.

However I stand by the fact that the other tourist areas are starting to see a very large spike in violent crime.
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