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Originally Posted by maffo12 View Post
Well, fair enough. The good thing is we still have millions of US & Canadian visitors every year who truly enjoy Mexico and who wont stop going just because some alarmist news, the Mexico-haters and the Mexico-over-cautious people are saying don't go there.

At the end Free Will choice, what a great right.

It would be just nice to see some of these people first looking deep into their society, look into what their government's interests play in other countries, in this case Mexico, before going harshly criticizing, thinking that the problem is Mexico and its Government, part it is, but just part, people should see the problem holistically, inclusive not exclusive.
I agree that the problems Mexico is having has to do with supply and demand...If the people of the United States and most other countries stopped their use of illegal drug use the crime in Mexico would also drop.

Most people dont realize that if they partake in illegal drug use then THEY ARE THE ONES WHO ARE CONTIBUTING TO ALL KINDS OF VIOLENT CRIME. AND THAT INCLUDES OCCASIONAL USERS.

These people who use illegal drugs are responisble for the fueling of murder against police and innocent by-standers.
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