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Originally Posted by buttons16 View Post
Most people dont realize that if they partake in illegal drug use then THEY ARE THE ONES WHO ARE CONTIBUTING TO ALL KINDS OF VIOLENT CRIME. AND THAT INCLUDES OCCASIONAL USERS.

These people who use illegal drugs are responisble for the fueling of murder against police and innocent by-standers.
I agree. However, this war, like any other war, just benefit a few in power and some corporations bottom line. I'm not a drug advocate, don't use them not interested in them, however, I believe some kind of regulatory system, like happens with tobacco and alcohol, should be in place instead of this war/carnage happening because it is considered illegal. We should go back to what History had teach us when alcohol was illegal in Chicago in the 30's, etc. Anyway, I'm getting off topic, sorry. Bottom line is, we need more cooperation from US authorities and governments in general to look for feasible solutions, not just declaring war to something they will NOT be able to control. In the meantime, I invite all of you to come visit Mexico.
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