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My wife and I had always wanted to do the Mexican Riviera and in April of 2010 we did aboard the Mariner of the Seas.
We visited Cabo, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. We had no problems but I've seen quite a bit of news about the crime rate rising in these areas in the last couple of years and have no desire to go back, but am glad we went when we did.
With regards to Cozumel, I have no fear nor any worries at this point about crime there--was there just a few weeks ago-- although it may get to the point that it too is unsafe. I've been there probably 12-15 times or more and never seen nor heard of anyone having a problem at all however that can change.
But in all honesty, when we talk about crime, how about our own country, the U.S.? We are one of the most violent countries in the world. I live in central Ky. and on a very regular basis there's local news about robberies, shootings and various other crimes--home invasion seems to be popular these days. In Louisville a couple of days ago 3 teens shot a cop--luckily his vest kept the bullet from entering his chest but he was also hit in the hand. Here in Lex. last week there were some teens pulling robberies , shooting their victims, etc so although we seem to perk up and take notice when this happens in another place, it seems like we somehow don't let it sink in about how violent this country is. I just wonder what the average number of murders and other violent crimes would be per day in the U.S if we had all the info. from all the states.
Also a few weeks ago we stopped at Falmouth , Jamaica and took a ships tour. Part of the tour was a stop at Doctors Cave Beach. I was sitting up above the beach in the shade on a bench where I had a good view up and down the beach. I suddenly saw 2 cops running toward the area where I was--then went past where I was , went into some alleyway or passage off the beach and out of my sight. Then here came 3 more running to the same spot. They too went onto the passageway or whatever it was out of my sight--suddenly out shot this tall, slim,young Jamaican guy--- he had on swim trunks, and was barefoot so he could get around on the beach better than the cops with their shoes, etc. One cop was fast enough to make a running dive and grabbed the guys trunks, pulling them down which tripped him. It took all 5 cops to subdue him. He really put up a fight but when they got him face down, a heavy foot was on the back of his neck forcing his face down into the sand-- they got him cuffed and hauled him up and away. I was just thinking here at home they would probably have been sued for forcing his face into the sand and getting sand into the poor little fellows eyes and mouth--police brutality you know! I don't know what he did . I did see the cops talking to a lady there but all I saw was the fight--I had a ring side seat in the shade. Score one for the police!
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