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There is a big difference between having to live in an area and go to a high crime area for a vacation.

The info is out there...type in Crime in mexican resort area and a large number of ariticles come up. Dont trust the Mexican tourist web site, they probaly wont give you all the info...

Also go to "You Tube" and type in crime in cancun....and watch and listen...Type in crime in Acapulco....or anywhere for that matter...We are NOT talking about a random act, we are talking about drug cartels and large roving gangs targeting tourists...the reason is because there is an all out war against the government....Listen to experts say that the Mexican government is unable to control the crime...listen to how many police are on the take...Think about this...what does the average police officer make in Mexico...$400 US dollars a month...A MONTH....bribery is also rampant.

As for Most of the Carribean Islands...Most are safe during the day...alot are not at night...ever take a tour in Jamaica ? Alot of people are living in shacks...the drug trade in Jamaica is very high also...

LOOK IM NOT SAYING TO NOT GO TO THESE PLACES..The Islands are beautiful and lots of history to learn about...but extreme caution is advised when visiting these Islands...Some Islands are much safer then others.

On most of these Islands you are safe if you take a ships tour....or stroll around town...IMHO Bermuda is the most beautiful island...I love its English presence...The crime rate is extremely LOW...and the people are friendly...the streets are clean... it just feels like no other place in the world.

I do feel bad about Mexico...The economy needs the tourists....And I hope somehow the government can take some control.
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