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This thread is getting way off track...We all know the crime rate in the USA...I have lived here all my life...So I know what Detriot is like, Philly,Washington DC, Many parts of California, New York. Illinios,New Jersey and even parts of Alaska has gang violence (Bloods and Crips) and the list goes on and on.

It really doesnt matter to me who goes to Mexico or who does' want to walk around Acapulco late at night be my guest, walk around all parts of Mexico at midnight be my guest, it does'nt bother nor matter to me...But when I read and hear about some of the disturbing crimes being comitted in broad daylight and at night I know I wont be traveling to any part of Mexico until the Government can some what contain the violence(Though there are officials who stated the government cant control the violence).. when I hear the crime is getting out of control and I listen to a video of a man who owned a bar in a Mexican resort sell the bar and fled the country because of some of the decapitations he witnessed then it causes concern for me... The same way I wont take my boat and sail off the coast of Africa with all those Samolia Pirates infesting those waters. Why put myself at a rather risky situation.

So I travel to areas not as violent

Ireland (Excluding Northern Ireland)
Some of the Carribean Islands
ABC Islands
Oh and I love Maine...
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